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Symphony 2, "Standing Rock" by Larry D. M. Blumenthal

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A programmatic symphonic journal of the NO DAPL affair.

 During fall and winter of 2016, the ceremonies and non-violent prayerful actions of ten thousand water protectors at Oceti Sakowin camp near Cannonball, ND were met with extreme human rights abuses at the hands of big oil entrenched militarized police authorities. The Dakota Access Pipeline was illegally being built through Treaty Lands of the Sioux Tribes. Sacred burial and ceremonial lands were desecrated and destroyed as the tar sands oil pipeline was also being constructed beneath the Missouri River without permits or Environmental Impact Study, an ongoing toxic threat to the only major water source for the Standing Rock Sioux as well as 18 million people in seven states downstream. Unfortunately, although the Environmental Impact Study has never been completed, the pipeline itself was completed via President Trump's Executive Order on his fourth day in office. The oil derived from this pipeline does not go to help our domestic use, it is fully exported to Asia for profit.

 About the recording of this new symphony: it is a digital mock-up of real instruments placed in a performance mix according to my score and recorded as per the Los Angeles Philharmonic instrumental seating arrangement. With this recording, in a real sense you get to hear the orchestra as if from the conductor's podium, the highest priced seat in the music hall!  


All rights Reserved ©2017 Larry Blumenthal, Soul of the Troll Productions
Movement 1- Adagio con movimento poco a poco

Mni Wiconi (Water is Life) 

Cross-country beauty 00:00
Military barricades 03:08
Rez roads to Sacred Stone 05:22 
How do I slip In to Oceti? 06:11 
Hiding in the supply run 08:30  
Ah, returning home!! Welcome! 09:42
Entering Oceti Sakowin 10:42
Tears of Joy, I’m in! 11:21
00:00-12:20 (12:20 duration)

Movement 2- Adagietto con stringendo

Oceti Sakowin (Campfire of the Seven Councils)  

Oceti Sunrise "Kikta po!" walkabout 12:27
We are all related here 13:56
The Black Snake is here too 14:39 
Prayerful actions 15:55 
November 20 massacre 17:00
The morning after 18:00
12:20-18:29 (6:09 duration)

Movement 3- Marcia moderate con rigore: Allegro con moto: Andante con maesta 

We Are One River  

We are still here! We stand here! 18:33  
All 564 Nations are here! 19:59
The Veterans Arrive! 20:45
The US Veterans apologize to the elders for the past 21:38
We stand! We grow to 10,000 strong 23:00
Did you hear? Obama denied DAPL! 24:05 
Buffalo Dance 24:42
An empty victory? 27:07
18:29-28:18 (9:49 duration)

Movement 4- Andante moderato: Adagio: Andante con maesta

“You are the Indians now!” ~ Russell Means

Why is The Black Snake still here? 28:19
We will stay until they go 29:55  
The Waltz of the Political Elections 31:22
Hail to DAPL's Chieftain 32:52
Executive Order Signed/Drilling resumes 33:16
Familiar Betrayal/Clearance of Oceti Sakowin 34:30
Indian Hope and Resolve 36:20
We Stand the World Over! 37:05
Mni Wiconi War Cry/Finale (chant by Matene Strikes First) 38:54
28:18-42:07 (13:49 duration)
[42:07 total running time]