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  Director of Photography - Cinematographer - Operator                                                                                                        


Larry Blumenthal has worked extensively in feature films, television, multicam sitcoms (over 2000 episodes), documentaries, commercials, infomercials, short form projects, pilots, and music videos. He has worked with music talents from Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton to John Legend and Zendaya. The list of celebrated actors he has worked with would be too long to place here, but they range from folks like Dean Martin and Bob Hope to Drew Carey and rap star/actress Eve. As a director of photography he is efficient, fast, and affable, familiar with all techniques, formats, and equipment (past or contemporary, analog or digital.) As a Camera Operator, no one is better for the job!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Resume´ - Director of Photography

(yellow font indicates multi-camera)


THE CONFRONTATION (BVC, J. Zwick Producer, Presentation)

REED BETWEEN THE LINES (BET, Cranetown Media, Pilot and occasional episodes)

Scenes from THE TRAGEDY OF BOUDICCA (Celtic66 Productions, Shepherd Sands, Prod., L. Blumenthal, Dir. - Presentation)

"I Like You" (Mystic Knights Productions, R. Correll Producer - Bianca Scaglione Music Video)

GEORGE GERSHWIN, ALONE (88 Entertainment, Felder, Voxakis, Zwick Production - Feature)

BEETHOVEN AS I KNEW HIM (88 Entertainment, Felder, Voxakis, Kaufman, Zwick Production - Feature)

FULL NELSON (AB Quality Prod. Adam Paul, Andy Bobrow, Pilot-Presentation)

TRUE JACKSON VP (Nickelodeon, Full Series, 1 episode)

TERPSICHORE (Electric Eccentric Studio Production, Independent Film)

WHOLE HEARTED (Free The Heart Productions, Documentary)

THE MORTUARY (Watergem Pictures, Independent Film)

MOTIVATE THROUGH FITNESS (Marc Vahanian Big Ta Do Prod, Infomercial)

THE SEVERANCE (Nathan Prod, Short Film)

"Just Once" (SOTT Prod, music video)

THAT’S SO RAVEN (Brookwell/McNamara, Pilot)

VIRTUALLY CASEY (Brookwell/McNamara, Pilot)

HARD TIME (Vigilante Girl Films, Independent Film)


TWO OF A KIND, Olsen twins (Warner Bros/Miller-Boyett, Pilot & Full Series)

THE DREW CAREY SHOW (Warner Bros/Mohawk, occasional episodes)

FAMILY MATTERS, "Urkel" (Miller-Boyett, 2 Seasons)

PLAYBOY MANSION HALLOWEEN 1999 (Haunted Hollywood Prod, Lighting Design)

ALMOST HOME (Cinellusions Prod, Short Film)

BOYS TOWN NATIONAL HOTLINE National Campaign (Banyan Communications)

GRYPTONITE, The Super Gripper! (The Food Network-Gadgetek, Infomercial)

BETWEEN THE SHEETS (Cable Positive/Campbell Entertainment, AIDS PSA)

DON WOND -Audio Hypnosis (Montoya Records, CD Ad)

PUTTING TWO ‘n’ TWO TOGETHER (ABC-Dualstar-Miller/Boyett/Warren, Pilot)

SEND IN THE CLONE (Warner Bros.Bickley/Warren-ABC, Special Photographic Effects)

LITTLE BIG GUY (Miller/Boyett-Bickley/Warren-ABC, Special Photographic Effects)

STEP BY STEP (ABC-Warner Bros-Miller/Boyett, Main Titles)

A NIGHT WITH NOVA! (Dave McCarthy, Prod-Cinellusions Prod, Long form music video)

SKI PATROL (Epic Productions/ Trans World Ent, Second Unit Pick Ups)


Camera Operator Resume´

Experience as Camera Operator

FULLER HOUSE (Netflix, Warner Horizon, Miller-Boyett, 5 seasons)

CRISTELA (ABC, Cristela Alonzo, 5 episodes)

ONE BIG HAPPY (NBC, Ellen DeGeneres, Season One)

K.C. UNDERCOVER (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, Season One)

UNDATEABLE (NBC, Bill Lawrence, Four episodes)

GROUND FLOOR (TBS, Bill Lawrence, Three episodes)

MIGHTY MED (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, Four episodes)

RICHIE RICH (Netflix, Brian Robbins, Season One)

BRADDOCK & JACKSON (Kelsey Grammer, Martin Lawrence, Boyett, Season One)

GIRL MEETS WORLD (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, Season One)

LIV & MADDIE (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, Season One)

MIGHTY MED (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, Pilot)

THE GARCIAS HAVE LANDED (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, Pilot)

MS. ED (ABC Family, Prodco, Pilot)

PHYS. ED. (ABC Family, Prodco, Pilot)

CRASH & BERNSTEIN (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, 1st season)

SHAKE IT UP (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, Season Two & Three)

PAIR OF KINGS (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, Season Two & Three)

DUETS (ABC, Gary Halvorson Dir.)

ANT FARM (Disney, It's A Laugh Prod, occasional episodes)

IN LIVING COLOR (25th Reunion Show, Keenan Wayans, Prod. Dir.)

MARVIN MARVIN (Nickelodeon, pilot)


WORKING CLASS (CMT, Cranetown Media)

THE REV (Double N Double R Prod, pilot)

TRUE JACKSON VP (Nickelodeon, Full Series, 2 seasons)

GOOD LUCK CHARLIE (Disney Channel, 3 episodes)

TELEPATHETIC (Nickelodeon, pilot)

LOVE THAT GIRL! (TV ONE, Bent Outta Shape Prod, pilot and first season)



LEEZA GIBBONS, LEANN RIMES (Lieberman Productions, Infomercial)

FRANK TV (TBS Network, Full Series)

HOLLYWOOD RESIDENTIAL (Starz Network, Full Series)

CINDY CRAWFORD (Lieberman Productions, Infomercial)

REST OF THE BEST (Dewayne Brady Prod, Pilot)

CAROL BURNETT SHOW INFOMERCIAL (Lieberman Productions, Infomercial)


THE EVE SHOW (UPN/Warner Bros, 2 Seasons)

THE DREW CAREY’S Green Screen Show (MJ Frog Prod, Production Group)

FRIENDS (Warner Bros-Bright/Kaufman)

NIKKI (Warner Bros/Mohawk)

THE DREW CAREY SHOW (Warner Bros/Mohawk, 9 Seasons)

STYLE AND SUBSTANCE (Touchstone Television)


GOING PLACES (Miller/Boyett-Warner Bros, Full Run)

THE FAMILY MAN (Miller/Boyett-Warner Bros, Pilot)

STEP BY STEP (ABC-Warner Bros-Miller/Boyett)

ON OUR OWN (Miller/Boyett-Warner Bros, Full Run)

FAMILY MATTERS (Miller-Boyett, 7 Seasons)


DESIGNING WOMEN (Bloodworth-Thomason-CBS, pilot)


SYDNEY (Wilson/Bertinelli-Warner Bros)

FULL HOUSE (ABC-Warner Bros-Miller/Boyett, Main Titles & occasional episodes)


FOLEY SQUARE (Shukovsky English Entertainment, CBS)

THE HOGANS (Miller/Boyett-Warner Bros, 5 Seasons)

VALERIE’S FAMILY (Miller/Boyett-Warner Bros)

VALERIE (Miller/Boyett-Lorimar)

PERFECT STRANGERS (Miller/Boyett-Warner Bros, 7 Seasons)


Prior Experience in Camera Work


Private Benjamin (CBS-Warner)

Lightning, The White Stallion (Cannon International)

Fame (MGM-NBC)

Amazing Stories (Amblin-NBC)

Michael Jackson Pepsi Ads (Pepsi Co)

The Right Stuff (The Ladd Co)

The Dukes of Hazard (Warner-CBS)

Cutter to Houston (Abrams- Universal)

Death Wish III (Cannon Group)

Blood Feud (20th Century Fox)

Matt Houston (Spelling-ABC)

The Cannonball Run (Golden Harvest-20th Century Fox)

Battlestar Galactica (Glen Larson-MCA)

Lou Grant (MTM-CBS)

Happy Days (Miller-Mikis-Boyett)

Private Benjamin (Warner-CBS)

Hot Dog …The Movie (MGM)

Misadventures of Sherriff Lobo (Universal TV)

Castaways on Gilligan’s Island (Redwood-Schwartz-Universal)

Buck Rogers (Universal TV)

Motel Hell ( Camp Hill-UA)

The Incredible Shrinking Woman (Lija Prod-Universal)

Incredible Hulk (Marvel-Universal)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Century Assoc, Paramount)

Stunts Unlimited (Paramount-ABC)

The Onion Field (Black Marble/AVCO Embassy Pictures)